Selection criteria

Probably the most important are the private partners, respectively the companies with experience in collecting and processing convalescent plasma.

Given the fact that the purpose of this project is to provide the necessary plasma medicines to Romanian patients, it is extremely important that we benefit from the expertise of these companies from the very beginning.

Moreover, due to the extreme interest of human plasma medicine manufacturers, who need more and more human plasma, in the face of a growing shortage of this raw material, it is important to offer them the opportunity for transparent competition to enter from the beginning in a partnership with the “Donam Plasma” Association.

Thus, the companies selected by the Association will be able to invest their own resources in the development of the 10 plasmapheresis centers, so that the plasma collected in those centers to be offered to those companies, in exchange for finished products, which will provide the necessary treatment to Romanian patients.

In order to ensure the sustainable development of the 10 plasmapheresis centers, respectively to avoid the establishment of a monopoly, a single private partner cannot bid for more than 4 transfusion centers. Thus, we expect to have at least 3 private partners, who will sponsor the construction, PMF authorization and operation of these first 10 centers.

The main criteria for evaluating private partners:

  • The value of the total investment for the first 5 years of operation, offered by each private partner.
  • Relevant experience in the collection, processing, storage of plasma for fractionation. There are human plasma collection companies that do not have their own fractionation capabilities, so the experience in collection, fractionation and storage is relevant.
  • The number, quality, quantity and value of products offered for each liter of plasma received from the plasmapheresis center. This is the best way to measure the price paid for the finished products, which will later reach to Romanian patients. Given that the finished products received in exchange for plasma will be capitalized by participating in procurement procedures organized by hospitals or other health care providers, it is important that their price is competitive, otherwise there is a risk that the products will not be capitalized.

By March 20th, 2022, the guide for private companies wishing to enter into a partnership with the “Donăm Plasmă” Association will be published.

Given that several private companies have already informally expressed their intention to enter a partnership with the “Donăm Plasma” Association, the deadline for submitting Letters of Intent is April 30th, 2022. After receiving the Letters of Intent, the Association may request further clarification.

After receiving all the Letters of Intent from the private companies and all the answers to the clarifications, the private companies will have until April 30th, 2022 to send the final offers, based on which the final selection is made.