Scoring grid for plasmapheresis centers

Scoring grid for the selection of the 10 public plasmapheresis centers


Contact details
Performance evaluation – 20 points maximum

A ranking is drawn up based on the number of donations related to the population served and it is scored as follows:

1st and 2nd place – 20 points
3rd and 4th place – 19 points
5th and 6th place – 18 points

The allocated points decrease in relation to the position in the ranking (1st and 2nd place obtaining the highest score, and 39th – 40th the lowest).

Staff structure evaluation – 5 points
Authorizations and certifications –5 points

II. Support of certain LOCAL SPONSORS (for example: County Council; County Residence City Hall or the City Hall where the Transfusion Center is located; County Hospital or City Hospital)

How local sponsors get involved – maximum 60 points

For the first sponsor:

  • Obtaining agreements, authorizations, certifications from central authorities – 5 points
  • Obtaining agreements, authorizations, certifications from local authorities – 5 points
  • Co-financing of donation promotion campaigns in a percentage of: – 5 points
  • Representation at the level of the central authorities of the interests and needs of the Blood Transfusion Centers for the performance of the plasmapheresis activity – 5 points

Additional sponsor 10 points for each additional sponsor

III. Support from certain PRIVATE SPONSORS from the local community 10 points