Plasma-derived medicinal products

According to the data on average consumption in the last five years, data presented by the Romanian health authorities, Romanian patients received between 2016 and 2021 approximately:

a) 210 kg of normal human immunoglobulin
b) 2000 kg of albumin
c) 40.000.000 IU of plasma coagulation factor VIII

Unfortunately, the consumption of plasma-derived medicines in Romania is mainly affected by the allocation of limited quantities by manufacturers, especially due to the global shortage of plasma (raw material) but also due to the low prices imposed by the authorities.

The most dramatic situation is in the case of normal human immunoglobulin, where the average consumption in recent years has been five times lower than normal, if Romanian patients should have received doses of immunoglobulin according to international treatment guidelines.

Thus, the actual immunoglobulin consumption of Romanian patients should be at a level of approximately 1000 kg of IVIG per year. This amount of IVIG would require a volume of 200,000 liters of human plasma.

That is why the “Donam Plasma” Association aims to finance, develop and operate a number of 10 plasmapheresis centers to collect approximately 200,000 liters of plasma annually, enough to ensure the manufacture of normal human immunoglobulin for Romanian patients.